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Skype Coaching

Too busy for coaching – have you considered Skype coaching?

Skype Coaching

Although there are huge benefits to receiving coaching face to face, there are alternatives such as telephone and Skype coaching. Skype coaching has the added advantage of video – which means facial information can be shared, and visual prompts can be used – all of which aid communication.

For many people advantages of Skype coaching include:

  • no travel time
  • no faff of booking a meeting room for the coaching
  • all the technology at your fingertips
  • can have a coach at a time that suits YOU!

The meeting is held at your desk – which means you have access to all the “stuff” you need for the call.  You have all your note taking implements to hand – no more rummaging in your bag for pens, iPads, highlighters.

Skype can also suit when operating in different time zones. Perhaps you want to receive coaching at 7am in the morning (or 10pm) – but your geographic local coaches don’t work at that time – you can hook up with a coach that suits your body clock – rather than local scheduled office hours.  

Additional benefits include having your local technology “set-up and ready to go”, for example having your business plan open on your second screen ready to make instant changes. Thus there’s no having to update documents later when back at the office.  Of course perhaps this benefit the technology savvy business owner – but it can also work for those with less of a technology bent – as long as you can use Skype!!

You may also be looking for a particular personality in your coach. The chemistry HAS to work. I believe it’s important to trust your business coach – after all, you’re developing your business – you have to be able to have an open and honest communication – and who knows where you’ll find this person – and it doesn’t have to be local.  Take a look at our profiles, Angus Lyon enjoys working with companies who want to skyrocket their growth.  Suzanne Hazelton (author) is loves to work with the people side of things.  She wants to enable you to THRIVE!   PS – click the link for a FREE chapter of Raise Your Game

Disadvantages of Skype coaching

Of course for many people face to face contact is important, they benefit from the mental reflection and processing that happens during the travel time (whether a 30 minute drive or a 2 minute walk to or from a meeting room). Sometimes this doesn’t happen when flitting from call to call. Of course with discipline you can add time for this when scheduling Skype calls.

  • There are some oddities to the communication – the fact that it’s not eye contact can be off-putting for some. When looking at the web cam – you’re not looking the person in the eye – but this is something that most people find they can easily overcome once they realise what’s happening.
  • There can be a slight delay, there occasional technical glitches.  But overall Skype coaching is a good alternative to face to face coaching.

Many people haven’t considered the option of Skype coaching, but if you’re particularly time poor – this could be a great option for you.

We offer two types of Skype coaching:

  1. One-to-one business coaching Pretty much like phone coaching – but with video.  Call us to arrange a Free Skype coaching session.
  2. Group Coaching & Mentoring

We recognise this technology isn’t for everyone – so give us a call and we’ll invite you to a Skype Coaching session FOC, and you can see whether it could work for you and your business.

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