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Public Speaking

Do you need a professional for a public speaking engagement?

Both Angus and Suzanne are experienced in public speaking and delivering effective presentations as well as business coaching and training.

  • We take time to understand your brief & requirements
  • We understand the bigger message that you’re seeking to deliver
  • We tailer our engagement to your requirements
  • We ensure the examples we use are relevant
  • We FIT our speaking to the time allocated
  • Where appropriate we share our presentation materials with you ahead of time, and allow you to use it
  • We can provide high value “take-away” materials for your delegates

Angus Lyon

As a business coach, Angus Lyon enjoys bringing business topics to life.  Whether talking on business numbers, mindset or employee engagement, his talks are both informative and engaging.



Suzanne HazeltonSuzanne Hazelton, is the author of 2 books: Raise Your Game and Great Days At Work and loves training, presenting and coaching in the around employee engagement, important for individual well-being and business productivity.  Suzanne is not taking any new bookings for public speaking engagements until September 2016

Some of Suzanne’s  more “prestigious” speaking engagements have been:

There are a very small number of videos of Suzanne speaking on YouTube: