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Profiling Tools

Why use profiling tools?

Profiling tools are one way of finding your strengths.  There are things that we do in life that are effortless in which we achieve massive success and results whilst having loads of fun along the way.  On the flip side, there are things that we do that feel like we’re swimming through treacle against the tide: that we dread and avoid whenever possible.

But how can you tell the difference?  How can you make wise decisions knowing what actions give us a good push to go outside our comfort zone, and which actions and activities are best left to someone else?

Sometimes described as personality tests, we offer several profiling tools which serve different purposes, and give you different information.

Profiling Tool - DISC DISC This profiling tool is great for improving communications between team members and with customers / clients.
mbti logo MBTI This is a great way to find your natural strengths so that you can find ways that suit you to be more effective
Firo logo FIRO-B This is probably our least used tool, it comes out of research in submarines.  Not many of us work in such close quarters – but it’s a useful little tool in understanding more about individual needs and how they impact team dynamics.
Profiling Tools - Wealth Dynamics Wealth Dynamics This is a great way for entrepreneurs to find more about what’s their effective “wealth building strategy”.  Running a business when you are in your flow is SO much easier than swimming against the tide.Do this profile before you get a business partner.  If you have a business partner – both do this profile – and have an open discussion.
Profiling Tool - Talent Dynamics Team Dynamics This is a tool for teams to find their “flow” which can ensure that you have the right people in the right roles.

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