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Leadership Coaching

personal-leadership-developmentDo you want to develop your leadership skills ready for the new challenges that a growing business faces, or perhaps it’s some challenges with a growing team.  I just love to work with individuals and organisations, helping you and your team to THRIVE!  I provide a mix of leadership coaching and skills transfer.

About Leadership:  The term leadership can sometimes sound like an other worldly skill – but check out this article to keep leadership in perspective.  Many people I meet don’t think they’re a “leader”, or have “leadership skills” until we discuss: what does it mean to be an effective leader?  Whilst much leadership writing can make it sound like a black box of skills that you either have or don’t have.  They are skills that you probably have loads of already … and any additional leadership skills that you need, can be learned.  I promise.  One of the essential skills for a leader is communication – take a look at my article on communication which contains hints and tips on different aspects of leadership communication, such as being assertive, delegating, giving feedback.

So, whether you need to delegate more effectively, manage performance, or sell your ideas (and get buy-in and commitment) from an ever larger team, I provide a framework for you to develop leadership skills.

What I offer:  The leadership coaching programmes I provide is generally 90 minutes face to face once per fortnight, with a “check-in” phone call between meetings to answer any questions you might have, and ensure you’re on track.  Book an appointment by giving me a call on 0779 555 7623 to have a FREE no obligation chat to find out whether this programme fits with your requirements. Leadership coaching can be run in conjunction with Business Coaching – designed to focus on the numbers and systems to grow your business.

Suzanne Hazelton

About me:  I (Suzanne Hazelton) am a Leadership Coach & Trainer, having trained the best at IBM, I’ve been coaching at a senior level for over 10 years (prior to which I was a manager within IBM).  I also work with new leaders who are hungry to “fast-track” their leadership skills.  I’m the author of 2.1 books (Raise Your Game & Great Days At Work – plus a chapter on “mindset” in Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us – all available on Amazon)  I’m a people specialist – so much so that sometimes I describes myself as a peopleologist.   My work also encompasses Employee Engagement – after all, as a leader when you’re getting the most out of your team (ie – they’re productive and need minimial leadership input, you can increase your time on your strategic focus and finding & creating new opportunities. Of course, all my experience of coaching and training is backed up by qualifications in some of the latest research around people – a MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology, (in addition I’ve taken advanced studies in psychotherapy, I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, and am trained in several psychometric tools, I’ve trained as a Business Coach).

Image of the cover of Raise Your Game by Suzanne Hazelton     Entrepreneurs succeed with us - 2 Great Days at Work - Book