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Increase Prospects

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More customers

How do you increase the number of prospects.  Really you want to increase the number of customers – but you already know that you first need to increase the number of prospects.

“Just browsing” –> loyal customer

It’s useful to say that within business, not everyone who you meet will buy from you, and thus is your customer.  When you want to increase the number of customers it can be useful to think about them in different ways depending on how much interest they’ve shown in your business: for example whether they’ve bought from you; how frequently they’ve bought from you.  By starting to get more detailed in the way you think about “customers”- you can be more specific in your approach to targeting them and shifting them up the ladder of loyalty.  (See my blog: What is loyalty)

You can contact people directly, and this is known in marketing speak as Direct Marketing.  EMail is one of the cheapest ways to do this, however you will need to have someone’s email address.  Some people will willingly give you their email address – you just have to ask for it!

2 ideas for getting contact details

  • If you’re runnIncrease Prospectsing an event collect email addresses and offer a free prize to one of the names pulled out of the hat.
    • If you work B2B then you can collect business cards in a fish bowl (hat, wicker basket …)
    • If your target is more a private individual who may not have a business card – you can just have them write their contact details on a piece of paper – and put in the bowl.
  • If your business is all on-line, can you produce a short eBook that you can give away – in exchange for an email address.

Think about what will work for your business.

It’s good practice to check with your contacts that you can send them an email – you don’t want to be someone else’s “spam” mail.  But of course, your emails will be of value.


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