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Group Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes a one-to-one (coach to client relationship) is not feasible.  We offer 2 programmes for clients who want to experience the benefits of coaching, but perhaps are not yet ready for one of our one-to-one programmes.

There are benefits to being coached as part of a group.  Often the issues facing one business owner are similar to issues experienced by others within the group.  Whilst it’s good to know you’re not alone, this is not time for a “pity party”!  However, it can be enormously creative to hear how other businesses are solving their problems, and thus you get fresh ideas from outside your industry to solve similar problems.  Occasionally the issues are different, or experienced at a different time.  It can be useful to either have foresight of what’s coming down the line (for example, when you’ve become so successful at finding new clients, your back office systems can’t keep up), or if you’re business is one step ahead in this area, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come, whether the process is “working as designed” and to notice what refinements to the process might be beneficial.

A skill that’s useful within group coaching is the ability to ask yourself the question “how does that apply to my business?”  Each group consists of a range of diverse businesses in a group – and yet it’s interesting to note that many of their challenges around growth are similar, whether it be:

  • how to find more customers
  • time management (ever found there are not quite enough hours in the day – to do all that you’d like for your business – oh, and make time for your family too!)
  • collecting outstanding monies (perhaps like some of our clients, you too dislike picking up the phone to chase for outstanding debts)
  • perhaps you want a bit more control over your business (should we invest this month or next month in this new capital item … when is good from a cash flow perspective?)

We do cover many aspects of business in our programmes – and more information can be provided on request.

We have 2 main ways of providing group coaching and mentoring:

  1. There’s a face to face programme, that we call MentorCLUB.  For more information click the link.
  2. We also offer a group Skype coaching programme, where you stay in your office and connect using technology to the group.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to each – but we find that most clients just know which will work for them.  Are you a face to face sort of person?  Are you SO busy that you really don’t have the time to travel?