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Great Days At Work

My second book is Great Days at Work. If you employ people in your business, this is a great book to empower them to take responsibility for having great days at work – which translates into productivity increases.

The book is available from Amazon

Great Days at Work will enable you to become more enthusiastic at work, feel more positive and work more effectively with others. Drawing on the latest insights from positive psychology, and based on hard business results, it outlines the practical day-to-day changes you can make immediately for instant benefit, as well as helping you develop a longer term strategy that means you'll get more out of work.

This easily applicable book reveals how to develop an effective perspective on time, embed productive new habits, gain a clear sense of self and build better working relationships. As a result you will make a bigger contribution to your organization, as well as feel more engaged, satisfied and in control of your own work and career. Discover how to have a great day at work, every day!

Before you purchase - Read Chapter 10 (Registration required) Great Days At Work which is about the importance of relationships at work. “Social relationships” are key to personal well-being. Outside of work we can choose who we spend time with – however there can be much to be gained personally by developing our relationships – but often this is not a skill we’re trained in. Additionally, many of us now have to work with others to get work done – and this gradual shift from individual contributor to team player means that many of us have to develop a new set of skills.