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90 Day Planning: GrowthCLUB

Planning for the next 90 days in your business

Growth Club* is an event where you take some time out of your business to plan for the next 90 days (3 months) in your business.

Business Planning with Angus Lyon - Growth ClubMany business owners have great intentions of creating plans for growing their business.  However, if you find that “Something Else” takes priority, this is pretty normal!  Sadly, putting in a plan for your business are something that we’d ‘like to do’, ‘hope to do’ … but somehow, if you’re like most business owners, something that we ‘don’t get time to do’.

Unless you make conscious plans, decisions and taking steps to take your business in a useful direction, it’s harder for your business to grow, and to manage that growth so that it’s sustainable. So break out of being ‘normal‘ and set your business up for an extra-ordinary 90 days! 

Once per quarter we offer a “planning day” where you can step back and focus on the next 90 days in your business. It’s a day for you and your business, along with other business owners who are also focusing on putting plans in for their business.  You can bring key members of your team along too, to increase “buy-in” to your plans, and get them fired up about growth over the next quarter.  You’re removed from your day to day business environment, and the day is facilitated so you get the most out of it.  There is often at least one business coach on hand to bounce ideas, make suggestions and give your business some new input.

The event publicised is where our clients come together – it’s a great opportunity to network as well as to learn from others’ best practice.  We do make a couple of places available to non-clients, but if you would prefer, we can run session specifically for your business, potentially including a Vision setting piece if this would be useful.

Testimonials about Growth Club

“Well planned day that helped my management team focus on moving our business forward.” ~ Charles Noyce, CN Sales Recruitment

“Prioritised & refucused on key tasks / end goals. Made the picture more clear.” ~ Suzy Noyce, CN Sales Recruitment

“A positive motivating experience.  Will use as a building block for our organisation.”  ~ David Roe, Reliable Rides

Angus Lyon

What will I get from Growth Club?:  You will get ideas, inspiration, and a structure, and of course a plan so that you know what to do over the next 90 days in your business.

When is the next Growth Club?  Take a look at our events page for the date of the next business planning growth club in Surrey, or contact for more information.

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*GrowthCLUB is a programme licensed by ActionCOACH.