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Group Coaching: MentorCLUB

MentorCLUB: Business Coaching in small groups

We’re currently running business coaching for a small group of business owners.  We call this programme MentorCLUB, and it’s a face-to-face group coaching & mentoring.  Typically it’s suitable for businesses with a turnover of up-to £300k*.

Typically there are between 3 – 4 business owners in any MentorCLUB group coaching programme.  The current group coaching sessions take place between 3pm – 4pm on alternate Wednesdays in Woking.  Before you commit to a group coaching programme, you are welcome to attend a session, free of charge.  Please contact the office on 0207 193 4996 for more information.

Whether you’re a small or family-run business, a mature business needing a boost, start-up or sole trader, it’s up to YOU to take control of your business.

Make the best investment in your future now by joining our Business Growth Group Coaching & Education programme: MentorCLUB.  At MentorCLUB you’ll be joined by several other business owners (maximum 5) who want to develop their business.  Together you’ll master all the elements to take your business from good to GREAT!

During the programme you’ll benefit from LEARNING how to:

    • Improve YOUR business education so you EARN more
    • Build relationships and community with like minded Business Owners
    • Be motivated, inspired, focused & a better LEADER
    • Define your Unique Selling Proposition and turn it into a powerful, competitive weapon
    • Dramatically increase your lead generation and lead conversion skills
    • Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back Master cash-flow and improve your profit margins
    • Hire, retain and develop the best team
    • Create systems allowing your business to run without you
    • Achieve better results by improving your time management skills

If you would like to come along to MentorCLUB free of charge for your first session, so that you see if this type of event is for you just call me, Angus Lyon to reserve your place: 07973 288043

If travel is an issue for you, you might be interested to know that we also offer a group Skype Coaching mentoring programme.

*Larger businesses typically benefit from one of our one-to-one business coaching programmes.

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