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Business Coaching

As a business owner, you have clients to satisfy, a team to manage, suppliers to chase to name but a few things that are on your plate.  This day-to-day running of your business may not give you the time to take a small step back, check that you’re business is still heading in the right direction, and to focus on growth.

When a business grows, more skills are usually needed – not a 2 day course, but a specific piece of input at the right time, to set you or your team on the right path.

As an experienced business owner, most of the time you know the answer to issues that arise in the business, but sometimes, with 99 other things going on, the answer can be a bit buried deep in your mind. Or perhaps you’ve used an approach in one situation which could apply in a different situation. A business coach enables you to unlock the answers that you already know. When something is your idea, you’re likely to be more committed to taking action. Sometimes you just want answers, and FAST! Our coaches here at Johnson Fellowes also have experience and ideas which can move you and your business forward.

Business-Coaching-with-Angus-LyonHave you ever noticed that a week can just pass … and some of your priorities slip? Perhaps you don’t have clear priorities and goals.  Surely you don’t want to get to the end of the year, and have “no change” in your business?

What is business coaching?

Business coaching ensures that you know what your priorities are and that you meet your goals and targets on a consistent basis.  You get mentored on how to grow your business in a way that is sustainable.

Angus Lyon is an experienced businessman, a business mentor and business coach. He has lots of tools, tips and techniques which can assist you in taking control of your business, putting in systems and very importantly taking control of the finances. Business coaching is different from consultancy – and because not all coaches are business coaches, and because not all business coaches are the same, we’re offering you a free business healthcheck. This is a one hour FREE coaching session. Prior to the meeting, Angus will spend some time on the phone finding out a bit more about your business so that when you sit down to meet, you can make the most of your time together.  Might be worth mentioning that 3 of Angus’ entrepreneur business clients reached the finals of an International Business Awards competition

Suzanne Hazelton is runs employee engagement programmes, and loves working with all things people related. Whether it’s developing your leadership skills ready for the new challenges that a growing business faces, or perhaps it’s some challenges with a growing team. She just loves to work with individuals and organisations, helping them to THRIVE!

Business Training

A shocking statistic was produced by a government agency that found that businesses that didn’t invest in business training were more likely to close than businesses that do invest in training.

Training-grows-your-businessBecause training is so important for individuals and the economy at large, part of our mission here at Johnson Fellowes is to share information that you can use to train and develop yourself and your business. When training other people Suzanne suggests that you use the 4MAT structure. Tell people why it’s important, give people enough background so they know what you’re asking them, give them a chance to practice, and to see how it works and answer any questions.

On this site you will find, what we hope are, useful articles about Business Growth, Leadership, Team Development, use them for yourself and feel free to share them with others – most of the pages have links to share on social media channels.

Just in case you’re wondering about the credibility of the training material on this site, where does it come from? Who developed it? So here are a few words about the content creators here at Johnson Fellowes.

Angus Lyon is an experienced businessman and know’s what’s relevant to a business audience – his focus is the activities that you can take to grow your business. He’s a licenced ActionCOACH, and is registered in a number of other tools which enable business to set their vision and achieve it.

Suzanne Hazelton is a Leadership coach, trainer and positive psychologist. She sometimes describes herself as a peopleologist – as her passion is the people side of the business. Suzanne Hazelton has trained at a senior level within IBM, she’s also an experienced coach, has a Masters’ degree in positive psychology and has training in psychotherapy, as well as the author of two books, and a contributing author to a third (all available on Amazon): Raise Your Game, Great Days at Work & Entrepreneurs Succeed With Us.

We can of course run training sessions for you and / or your team. Take a look at our events page for “open” training courses, or contact us to confidentially discuss your specific requirements.


What are you waiting for …. pick up the phone … most people aren’t proactive. We want to acknowledge your pro activity by offering you a free coaching session from either Angus or Suzanne.