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I’m (Angus Lyon) thrilled to announce that I have 3 finalists in European Business Awards, awards for entrepreneur business owners.  The Business Excellence Forum, being held this year in Brighton .  The awards comprise of businesses from not just the UK, but other countries in Europe – as well as countries in the Middle East and Africa.  In total, there are 37 finalists representing a range of categories, from providing outstanding levels of customer service to entrepreneurship, innovation in business, and best culture.  To have 3 clients in this elite group of finalists is a real achievement.  What makes it all the more exceptional is that it’s the first year any of my clients have entered these awards.  These awards are designed to recognise excellence in the small and medium business sector.

There is stiff competition, but it’s a testament to the quality of these local businesses that they’re holding their own in face of such excellence from other business not just across the UK.”

Let me take a moment to talk about some of my clients and their achievements ….

Roger (Seasonal Transformations)

Roger has been re-inspired by his business, and his goal of achieving £1m in turnover within 3 years – he looks set to overachieve that in 18 months.  Based on the systems and controls we put in place he’s been able to take his first holiday in 10 years and while he was away the business GREW.   PLUS out of the increased profits he has bought a classic car of his dreams.    Roger is excited about the coming year and we have a strategic plan to increase market share and building out his team.

 A recent quote from Roger:  “Since meeting Angus Lyon at ActionCOACH, we have worked well on m business to a point that my focus and attitude towards my business and future have dramatically improved.  Would I recommend Angus?  Yes!

Charles (CN Recruitment)

Charles has put strong systems into his recruitment business, a business renowned for high staff turnover.  – has a team that can works without him.  An early test of this was when he took some time out on the golf course with some business associates, each of whom regularly “had” to check-in with their business or receive calls.  By contrast, Charles was able to enjoy the golf day – without having to / needing to / or feeling the need to “check in” or even respond to crises.  He had systems in place and things were in control.  A great test for him, and the team to be able to take more time out.  He’s been gearing up for growth, and has put together a team to support operations and are now actively hiring another sales person.

He has beaten his sales target three months in a row and he has hired 2 new sales people.  For the first time he has marketing that really works.  It has recently generated two new opportunities with a company that has been saying no to their direct sales team for the past 18 months.  Using a clear guarantee and USP sent to the decision maker open the door and started the opportunity.  Furthermore his clients rave about the service the business provides as he focuses on his A’s and B’s having gotten rid of a few D’s.  Charles has recently celebrated his successes by booking a holiday with his family abroad since he knows his business will run without him.

Gavin (Gavin Thorn Photography)

Gavin noticed a personal difference within just a couple of sessions, describing himself as more “focused, positive and productive”.  He faced some of his fears, did things he’d been scared of doing, and did things that had been left undone.  He now feels in control and of his business and is confident of the future.

Another recent client

After working 3 months with their sales director he had an understanding of his sales pipeline, sales process and his key USP.  And in the 3rd month broke a 9 month sales dry spell by landing 2 new clients each worth more than £600k business.  Crucially these new travel clients started to generate revenue in under 1 week against a previous company average of more than 6 weeks.  We’ve also worked to increase average margin with existing clients through A,B,C,D ranking and price rises.

A new ActionCLUB client

Paul Pavli of Rosso Bianco Wines a newest client after a recent session said “Angus Lyon of ActionCOACH, a great business coach with a huge amount of knowledge, has a great way to help me improve my business and I am looking forward to continuing my group coaching”.

Angus said, “one of the mistakes that smaller and medium sized business owners make, is thinking that they have to do it ‘all by themselves’”.  See their blog – Lonely Business.  It’s not just common sense, but research shows that businesses that don’t invest in training and education for both the leaders and the staff are more likely to fold.  Investing in yourself and your business can produce great results – as demonstrated by the success of these finalists”.

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