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Business-Coach-Angus-Lyon-in-SurreyAre you interested in business growth?

Business Growth.  More importantly – are you interested in the growth of your business?

If you’re like most businesses, you don’t have a strategic plan, and even if you have a plan, perhaps you are not consistently working the plan.   Are you busy, but not productive?

Like many business, perhaps the earnings potential of your business is capped by your lack of management skills.  Whilst you might not like what you read here, perhaps you already recognise the element of truth.  If this is you, is it any surprise that you don’t have business growth (yet)!  This might not be a “nice” thing to say.  But we’re paid to deliver business results to your business, not to stroke the ego of business owners!!!  We can support you grow your business.  We can provide you with new ideas, new skills and accountability.

You’ll make progress.

Each and every week.

Have you ever noticed that a week can just pass … and some of your priorities slip? Perhaps you don’t have clear priorities. Business coaching can ensure that you know what your priorities are and that you meet them. Consistently.  Angus Lyon has achieved success with his clients.  In his first year of entering clients for awards, 3 entrepreneurs have made the finals.  The competition was stiff, with representations not just from other businesses in Surrey, but across the UK, Europe, Middle east and Africa.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is different from consultancy. With a consultant, they come in and do a piece of work – and leave, and you are often non-the-wiser. This can be really handy when there’s no need for you to know the intricate details – for example of an IT implementation. However business coaching develops your skills so that you can apply not just to your current business but to future businesses.

Not all coaches are business coaches, and because not all business coaches are the same, we’re offering you a free business healthcheck. This is a one hour FREE business coaching session, with Angus Lyon.

Prior to the meeting, Angus will spend some time on the phone finding out a bit more about your business so he can come prepared with ideas to grow your business. Of course, if you’re passionate about your business we’d love for you to be a client – but we also recognise that Business Coaching is not for everyone, and the chemistry has to be right for both parties. We want you to get value from the session, whatever the outcome – so there will be some preparation work required. This means that when you sit down to meet, you can make the most of your time together – by focusing on the aspects of your business which are a priority.

Angus is an experienced businessman, a business mentor and business coach (take a look at his profile). He has lots of tools, tips and techniques which can assist you in taking control of your business, putting in systems and very importantly taking control of the finances.

What are you waiting for …. pick up the phone … you have nothing to lose from accepting a free coaching session from Angus 07973 288043 and quote code JFYNOT

Leadership Coaching

Suzanne is a Leadership Coach & Trainer, having trained the best at IBM, she’s been coaching at a senior level for over 10 years. Whether you want to develop your leadership skills ready for the new challenges that a growing business faces, or perhaps it’s some challenges with a growing team. As you can see from Suzanne Hazelton’s profile page, she just loves to work with individuals and organisations, helping them to THRIVE! Suzanne Hazelton is the author of Raise Your Game