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What is DISC?

DISC is  a behaviour profiling tool which can enable you to improve sales, and get more out of your team.

Why is DISC relevant to me?

As kids we’re often told “treat others as you would like to be treated”.  This is great advice to enable a child to think about the thoughts and feelings others.  However as adults it becomes a bit of a limitation for our dealings with others.  Of course not everyone is like us.  People like and do things different to us – and that’s ok.  It’s not “my way or the high way”.  Guess what – other people may be more effective than us in different aspects.

So how do you get to grips with some of these differences? 

I’ve previously blogged on personality tests, and today I’d like to describe one of the tools that we sometimes use, called DISC.

4 Aspects of DISC

DISC is a pretty straightforward tool which describes 4 different approaches to work.  Typically these are behaviours that we can all adapt to – although it seems that we have a more natural “home base”.  We can of course offer a comprehensive DISC report for just £80 – and if you’re seriously thinking of doing this, you might want to fill out the questionnaire before you read any more so read all the profiles, find that you “like” one more than the others and therefore it subconsciously influences your answers – thus giving a potentially false reading.

OK, so you decided to “read on” to find out a bit more about the profiles.

In summary

Increase Sales with DISCThe D stands for dominant.  These people are very task driven, they are outgoing, and are typically more big picture thinkers.  They can be perceived as being a bit abrupt.  If you were to think of an animal that represents “D” behaviours – you wouldn’t go too far wrong thinking of a lion.

The I is for Influencer.  These are more “people people”, are also outgoing – but love to chat (sometimes at the expense of getting the task completed).  An animal that represents “I” behaviours is the dolphin – a social species that typically swims in groups

The S is for Steadyness.  These people like security, and value relationships.  They tend to be more introverted and reserved.  For an animal, you could think of a golden retriever.

The C is for Compliance.  These people tend to be more task focus and enjoy getting stuck into the detail.  Howabout a beaver, busy building a damn as a good representation for this one.

There is of course much more to each of them.  These pen portraits describe a set of behaviours.

You will have a preference for a particular set of preferences.  So what …. with the awareness of how you can come across, you may want to adapt your style to be more approachable to more people.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE IN SALES.  We run DISC Training.  Contact us to find out more.

Suzanne often runs workshops based on the MBTI profile – for example see her slides on the The Psychology of Selling.

We’re planning an event for you to get the most of DISC for SALES – an easy to understand and very useable tool to increase sales in your business.  We think there is value in having a personality test consultation – and this can work especially well with groups of people where you don’t just take our word for it, but you can see people in action – and pay attention to similarities and differences.

Register your interest, and let us know what time of day works best for you, mornings, afternoons or evenings, by calling our office on 07972 288043.

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