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Johnson Fellowes was originally founded by Ian Lyon back in the 1980s. When Ian retired, I took over the family firm which provides business growth strategies AND RESULTS for businesses.

Angus Lyon, Company Owner

Angus Lyon is a Business Coach, working with business owners to grow their business. For different businesses this can mean different things, whether it’s increasing profits, getting more time (whether for your family, to play golf or to start another venture), or putting systems in place to build a business that works without you

Suzanne Hazelton is a Leadership Coach and trainer. As a business grows so too must the skills of a leader. Suzanne works with individuals and teams to THRIVE.
Sole Trader

Like most of our business clients you probably have been in business for at least a couple of years. A job where you have ended up doing everything yourself, whether it’s because you always have, because there’s no-one else to do the work, or whether no-one else can’t do it to the same standard that you can!

You’re not alone! We’ve all been there. We can help you see the wood in the trees.

Each stage of business growth has challenges. Sometimes when experiencing these challenges, it feels easier to turn back to the comfort of what we know – rather than to press on through the discomfort. Not changing can be comfortable. However being comfortable often is different from business growth, which by its very nature means you’ll be experiencing new challenges.

You’re not alone! We’ve been there and worked through the issues and understand how you feel. Let us guide you.

Both Suzanne and Angus provide executive coaching to teams within the corporate environment. We recognise each corporate culture is different, and so are the outcomes you seek.

Let us provide the executive coaching to help you thrive.

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